Milk rivers: TOP 3 organic producers of dairy products

Milk rivers: TOP 3 organic producers of dairy products

1-st place

Organic Milk 

The trademark has been for 8 years and belongs to “Organic Milk” LLC. It is one of the huge Ukrainian and European company, producing organic products not on the level of farming but on industrial scale. The plant where the products are produced is the first in Ukraine to produce organic dairy products. They have a closed production cycle: their fields, farms, laboratories, processing plants.
Cows consume only organic feed and graze on organic pastures. All stages of production are certified as organic and are under the control of "Organic Standard".

The trademark took the first place in the ranking of TOP-15 of the most known Ukraine’s brands 

Today more than 35 tons of milk are processed per day. Milk, kefir, yogurt, butter, sour cream, cheese, acid curd cheese are made, a total of 38 items. They are represented in all national retail chains, in specialized retail chains (Eco Shop, Eco Club, OrganicLife, Natur Boutique) and online stores ("Rozetka" and others). The products are also exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Jordan.

2-nd place

Staryi Porytsk

The “Staryi Porytsk” farm has had the status of organic and has certificated of the European Union since 2012.

Since 2014, the products have passed additional testing according to the internal standard of Switzerland and received the Bio Suisse certificate. "Staryi Porytsk" is making crop production, animal husbandry and dairy production, the company processes up to 3 tons of milk per day.

Cows on our farm are kept loose, in a modern livestock complex, fed balanced with a natural feed of their own production.

TM produces 13 types of dairy products: hard and brined cheeses, yogurts, butter, kefir, fermented milk, acid curd cheese, pasteurized milk of different fat content. In addition, the company produces cereals and gluten-free flour.

Products are presented in the Silpo network and local networks, organic online stores.

3-rd place


The trademark has existed for 13 years. Product are produced by PJSC "EthnoProduct" - a Ukrainian-Swiss agricultural enterprise.
The company was the first in Ukraine to start selling organic milk in stores. And still for some products we have almost no competitors. For example, it is one of few companies that supplies of raw milk to outlets. Because this is a difficult logistics and, moreover, the products have a short shelf life. Demand is high, but the company is slowly increasing the volumes, because in organic livestock it is simply impossible to increase capacity quickly.

It produces 15 items of dairy products. Due to the growing demand for organic products, especially dairy products, in Ukraine, the company reduced grain exports and focused on the domestic market; develop the farm and processing, launch new products.

TM works a lot with retail outlets, products are presented in the national networks GoodWine, Silpo, Velyka Kyshenya, Novus, Ashan and others.

Methodology of rating formation

The tradamarks were ranked according to three criteria:
Production volumes were estimated on the basis of information provided by the “Organic Standard” statistical bodies and the companies themselves.
Representation of brands in retail chains: evaluated by marketing experts based on information provided by retail chains, stores of organic and farm products, as well as manufacturing companies.

Media and PR brand activity: evaluated by monitoring results. The number and quality of TM mentions in the media, the number of publications, advertising and marketing events were taken into account; representation in social networks: the analysis of quality of content and activity of pages of the companies, coverage and involvement of the audience was carried out.

The openness of companies and readiness to communicate were also taken into account. Separately, experts (branding specialists) evaluated the overall concept of the brand, its semantic and visual component.

The rating was prepared by the assistance of «Organic Standard”

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