Organic.UA: TOP 15 of well-known organic brands of Ukraine

Organic.UA: TOP 15 of well-known organic brands of Ukraine
In addition, the organic brand is not only a quality natural product and good marketing, it is a philosophy that takes care of the environment and human health. So what are they, organic brands?

1 place

Organic Milk

The trademark has existed for 8 years and belongs to Organic Milk LLC. The plant where it is produced is the first in Ukraine of the production of organic milk products.
“The circle, which is depicted on all labels with our milk products and symbolizes the Organic milk brand, also means a closed production cycle. We are one of the largest companies in Ukraine and Europe, which is making the organic production not at the level of farming, but on an industrial scale,” Olena Stretovych, Director of Organic Milk said.
The company has its own fields, farms, laboratories, processing plants. Cows consume only organic feed and graze on organic pastures for about 200 days a year. All stages of production are certified as organic and are under the control of "Organic Standard".

Today more than 35 tons of milk are processed per day. Milk, kefir, yogurt, butter, sour cream, cheese, acid curd cheese are made, a total of 38 items. They are represented in all national retail chains, in specialized retail chains (Eco Shop, Eco Club, OrganicLife, Natur Boutique) and online stores ("Rozetka" and others). The products are also exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Jordan.

2 place

Danube Agrarian

The trademark belongs to the farm "Danube Agrarian", which was founded in 2013 and has a certificate of "Organic Standard".

It is one of the three main producers of eggs according to the organic standard, is the largest producer of organic watermelons and melons. The farm is the only one growing organic peaches and nectarines. Actively develops organic livestock and poultry: sheep, chickens and ducks are raised.

"Initially, we were mainly exporting of grain and industrial crops (wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, barley, etc. - a total of 7-8 species), - says the head of the farm Roman Dyazhuk. - Yes, we continued to develop and for the last two years we have been cooperating with many networks. We have 50 products. At present, 95% of grain and industrial crops are exported, and 95% of fruits and vegetables are exported to the Ukrainian market. "

The company also produces fruit chips from sublimated watermelon, melon, plum. It begins to grow and market batata - a useful product that is still little known to Ukrainians.

Recently, the range of TM has been replenished with a new line: medicinal herbs.The process of collection, processing and storage of products meets all the requirements of organic certification.

Products of TM "Danube Agrarian" are widely represented in national retail chains: Goodwine, WineTime, Silpo, Novus, Ashan, Velyka Kyshenya, MegaMarket, etc.; regional retail chains, in specialized stores of healthy food. It is also supplied to many countries around the world: Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Poland, USA, Canada.

3 place


TM belongs to "Skvyra plant" of bakery products. The plant was founded in 1931, when the history of the Skvyryanka brand actually began. About 40% of the company's products are exported. Actively cooperate with global baby food brands Nestle, Heinz, Hipp, Danone.  The first certified organic products have been produced since 2014, having quality certificates "Organic Standard", HALAL, "Kashrot". According to the company, all raw materials for organic products are purchased from certified farms. It is stored and processed separately from other products.
Organic cereals and flakes are in great demand both in Ukraine and abroad. Now in the range of 11 items of organic products: buckwheat, oatmeal, corn grits, flour and cereals.

Presented in all major supermarket chains (Silpo, MegaMarket, METRO, Ashan, Fozzy, Novus, etc.), in regional chains, health food stores, organic shops.

4 place

Garna Organica

The Garna Organica trademark was created in 2018. This brand produces classic and high-oleic unrefined sunflower oil for salads, as well as oil for frying.
The UKROLIYA ORGANIC plant, where all products are manufactured, specializes in processing exclusively organic sunflower seeds; certified according to the EU standard, complies with the Swiss BIOSUISSE standard, the American NOP standard and the Canadian COR standard. It is a part of UKROLIYA company, which has been operating since 2001 and is one of the largest producers of high-line and refined oil in Ukraine.
"UKROLIYA supports global trends and actively develops the organic market in Ukraine. Our Garna Organica organic oils are an important part of a balanced diet for a healthy and quality life, ” UKROLIYA Business Development Director Yuriy Shevchenko says.

Garna Organica products - 4 items - are presented in national networks (Silpo, Goodwine, WineTime, Miastoria, Sea Gifts) and in the online store

5 place

Sratyi Porytsk

The trademark has existed since 2009, the Staryi Porytsk farm has had the status of organic and certificates of the European Union since 2012. Since 2014, the products have passed additional testing according to the internal standard of Switzerland and received the Bio Suisse certificate. "Staryi Porytsk" is making crop production, animal husbandry and dairy production, the company processes up to 3 tons of milk per day.
- Organic production is a modern and high-tech production, carefully thought-out processes so as not to harm either nature or man, careful care of animals. This is a radically different approach than on conventional farms, - Natalia Tkach, Commercial Director of Stary Porytsk LLC explains. - Cows on our farm are kept loose, in a modern livestock complex, fed balanced with a natural feed of their own production, that’s why we call them happy.
TM produces 13 types of dairy products: hard and curd cheeses, yogurts, butter, kefir, fermented milk, acid curd cheese, pasteurized milk of different fat content. In addition, the company produces cereals and gluten-free flour.

Products are presented in the Silpo network and local networks, organic online stores.

6 place

Organic Meat

The trademark is owned by Organic Meat Product LLC and has existed for four years.
"Our products are a combination of traditional, organic livestock and state-of-the-art processing technologies," Olena Stretovych, director of Organic Meat Product LLC said. - We produce meat products exclusively from our own raw materials and according to our own recipes. The process is long and time consuming. For about a year we have worked out the technology of sausage production without phosphates and all sorts of other additives and flavorings. "

Every day the plant processes 3 tons of raw materials and produces about 40 types of finished organic products, certified by the international certification company "Organic Standard". It is represented both in specialized retail chains (Eco Shop, Eco Club, OrganicLife, Natur Boutique) and in almost all national retail chains and online stores.

7 place


The trademark is new - created a year ago, belongs to the company "Agroecologiya",

which is the first and largest organic farm in the country. They have been working on organic technologies, well known in Ukraine and abroad, for over 40 years. Until now, the company has focused on the production of raw materials, and now has entered the market with the finished product.

"We use only our own raw materials, the production of which we control at all stages," the director of the trading house "Vo!" Alexander Tonkih says. - Our brand is focused on young, progressive people. We were working for a long time and hard on the concept to make the products immediately noticeable. Focused on important qualities for the consumer: taste, emotionality. And that’s how a new brand "Vo!" appeared.
The name was reinforced with the slogan "Organically tastes incredibly!". The plan is to provide consumers with a basket of everyday products. Eggs, cereals and flour - 20 items, already on sale. Dairy products will appear later, and the last stage will be meat processing.

Products Vo! can be purchased online in Winetime, Goodwine; in farm and organic products stores or order online.

8 place


Products with the trademark are produced by PJSC "EthnoProduct" - a Ukrainian-Swiss agricultural enterprise with a closed production cycle. The trademark has existed for 13 years. It produces 15 items of dairy products.
“Our company was the first in Ukraine to start selling organic milk in stores. And still for some products we have almost no competitors. For example, it is the supply of raw milk to outlets. Because this is a difficult logistics and, moreover, the products have a short shelf life, - the commercial director of PJSC "EthnoProduct" Andriy Nikolayuk explains. - Demand is high: buyers like real, non-homogenized milk. But in organic livestock it is simply impossible to increase capacity quickly.”
Due to the growing demand for organic products, especially dairy products, in Ukraine, the company reduced grain exports and focused on the domestic market; develop the farm and processing, launch new products.

TM works a lot with retail outlets, products are presented in the national networks GoodWine, Silpo, Velyka Kyshenya, Novus, Ashan and others.

9 place


Organic Original was founded in 2011 and is one of the pioneers of the Ukrainian organic market. The company's products are manufactured under the Ekorod trademark, have a European organic certificate and are marked with the official logo of the European Union organics - "Eurolist".

It produces organic cereals, flour, oils, vegetables and honey, but a special pride - the first and only organic corn sticks with different flavors.
"We have a cool, modern and useful product," Andriy Olefirenko, director of Organic Original LLC says. "For almost three years, we have been developing the recipe and packaging design to surprise even those who are very meticulous about food with such a seemingly simple and familiar product."
Ekorod cold-pressed sunflower oil was recognized as the best organic product in Eastern Europe in 2013 in Warsaw at the Organic Marketing Forum.

The slogan of the brand: "Ecorod is a natural burg".
TM "Ekorod" is widely represented in Ukraine in all stores of natural products and national retail chains (Good Wine, Silpo, Ashan, Novus, MegaMarket, etc .; sold in Europe.

10 place


The Lyubystok trademark was established more than 17 years ago and is part of the Lyubystok Trading House group of companies.

It is one of the largest producers of spices in the country. The company has created the first and largest series of organic spices and seasonings on the country's market (presented in 2019).

In 2014, the company introduced the international quality standard IFS Food, according to which the entire process of production of spices and seasonings is controlled.
Raw materials for organic items are purchased in different countries around the world, but only from certified organic producers of spices and condiments.

"We were looking for producers of organic spices, really, all over the world. We deliver raw materials of the highest quality to Ukraine from different parts of the world, we control the whole range of requirements for the quality of raw materials and finished products. tell in the company. - Our production facilities, LLC "NOVA-PAK", are equipped with the most modern equipment for packing spices meets the highest national and international standards. In addition, NOVA-PAK LLC is certified according to HACCP standards.
"Lyubystok" has its own culinary channel on YouTube with gastronomic recommendations for the use of spices and condiments at the home kitchen.
In addition, the company has another organic TM - "Dobryk". The brand produces organic confectionery ingredients and ready-made mixes for sweet home baking – treacle cakes and muffins.
Products are presented in almost all national and local retail chains in Ukraine. Organic products can be ordered in the company's online store. Some items are exported to Moldova, Belarus and Georgia.

11 place

Kozub product of Organics

TM was registered 8 years ago and is owned by DIAMANT LTD, which produces flakes, cereals and other legumes.
Technologies are used in production: steaming, flattening and cutting of whole grain on the European equipment.
In addition to the classic flakes that need being cooked, the range includes instant flakes: oat, buckwheat, barley, rice, rye and corn. The company especially notes mixtures of cereals with seed additives - a mixture of 9 cereals + flax, a mixture of 7 cereals + pumpkin seeds, a mixture of 5 cereals + sesame seeds, a mixture of 15 components of the Fitness series.
In 2013, the company passed the inspection of the certification body "Organic Standard" - received a certificate of producer of organic products and became one of the first certified producers of organic flakes in Ukraine. The production process meets the requirements of the international system ISO 22000.
"Today, groceries are the key that opens the world of organic goods to the consumer," Mykola Safonov, director of DIAMOND LTD said. - It is more accessible to the consumer, because its organic markup, unlike other groups of goods, is minimal - in some items can be from 5-7%. At the same time, cereals and flakes for many families are products of daily consumption. "
TM products are sold both in specialized outlets, as well as in national and regional networks.

12 place

Organic Chicken

TM belongs to the farm "Home Chicken", has existed for almost 2 years. It is the largest producer of organic eggs in Ukraine. The farm keeps 24,000 laying hens and 20,000 reared chickens. And if on usual poultry farms hens are kept in cages, then according to organic standards birds should have free grazing on a platform with a grass at the rate of 4 sq.m. meters per chicken (for the ability to bite insects and fresh herbs); consume only organic feed. No pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and impurities in the feed.

"We use our own farm fields for free walking of chickens," Olena Stretovych, the head of the Home Chicken FG explains. - Chickens are imported from the Czech Republic, this is a breed of special selection that is best suited for keeping in organic conditions. Preventive measures, good conditions, good nutrition and as a result - eggs are tasty and healthy, with a high content of Omega-3.

Products can be purchased in all national retail chains, in specialized retail chains (Eco Shop, Eco Club, OrganicLife, Natur Boutique) and online stores (Rozetka and others). Also exported to Dubai.

13 place


Officially registered trademark from SVC "Yagidky". The organic farm was established in 2016, they have started selling blueberries since 2018. The cooperative has a blueberry area of 44 hectares. The farm grows 5 varieties of berries. Harvesting in the cooperative lasts from late June to mid-September. This year, 140 tons of berries were harvested and a record was set: the largest organic berry, 3.5 cm in diameter, was grown.
"There are no large farms like ours in Europe, where organic blueberries are grown," the company's head Oleh Naumenko says. "There are 2-3 companies in the world that can boast of the same large organic areas." But we focus on the domestic market. Although Ukrainians still consume little blueberries, the demand is growing quite fast: 70% every year. "

TM is represented in national retail chains (Silpo, METRO, MegaMarket, WineTime, NOVUS), a significant part of the products is exported.

14 place

Spring drops

The trademark has existed since 2012 and belongs to Lilak LLC, which has been operating since 2001.
The brand produces organic juices: birch (birch with infusion of rose hips, mint, lemon, elderberry, nettle, etc.), cherry, apple light and direct extraction, a total of 20 items. Both from own raw materials, and from bought from organic producers. Birch juice is harvested in forestries in Bukovyna in the Carpathian region.
Over 700,000 liters of juice are produced under the TM per year. In addition, the company manufactures products under other brands. Most organic products are now sold in Ukraine - demand is growing, although a few years ago almost all were exported.
"We can say that we were one of the first to bring birch sap to the shelves of European stores," Andriy Martyniuk, Lilak's deputy export director says. - Then this product was unknown there. Although now it is gaining popularity among Europeans. And in Ukraine it has been in demand for a long time and stably. "

Products under the Spring drops brand are presented in health food stores, national chains Silpo, Novus, Ashan and Okko.

15 place


The brand has existed since 2011. Produce organic berry paste - without water, sugar and preservatives, the product is a powerful antioxidant.

"The paste is made using a unique technology," Anastasia Shmygelska, director of LiQberry explains. - HTD-technology This is a patented technology developed by Ukrainian scientists. It allows you to get valuable components from the bones and skin, because there are most of them. Paste is a functional product, which with long-term use has a powerful therapeutic effect.
LiQberry paste is certified with "Organic standard", entered the "100 best products of Ukraine-2015", awarded the "Golden symbol of quality of national goods and services", was highly praised at national and international exhibitions in Germany, Japan, UAE, Spain.

The range of pasta from blueberries, cranberries, cranberries, strawberries, chokeberry, blackberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn, dogwood.
Products are presented in retail chains (Silpo, Novus, etc.), in organic stores and in pharmacies.

Methodology of rating formation

The rating of the most recognizable organic brands was formed in several stages. Initially, there was a long list of 100 brands that positioned themselves as organic. Next, the availability of appropriate certificates for the declared products was checked. At this stage, more than half of the applicants were eliminated. It turned out that many companies once passed the certification, later stopped doing so, but continue to call themselves "organic". Or they have certificates only for certain products, but at the same time all their products are called organic.

There are companies that work honestly and label the word "organic" only those products for which they have the appropriate certificate.
Online and offline consumer surveys identified the most recognizable TMs. The remaining 30 companies were ranked according to three criteria:

Production volumes were estimated on the basis of information provided by the Organic Standard certification body, statistical bodies and the companies themselves.

Representation of brands in retail chains: evaluated by marketing experts based on information provided by retail chains, stores of organic and farm products, as well as manufacturing companies.

Media and PR brand activity: evaluated by monitoring results. The number and quality of TM mentions in the media, the number of publications, advertising and marketing events were taken into account; representation in social networks: the analysis of quality of content and activity of pages of the companies, coverage and involvement of the audience was carried out.

The openness of companies and readiness to communicate were also taken into account. 

Separately, experts (branding specialists) evaluated the overall concept of the brand, its semantic and visual component.

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